@theharryshearer replied to my tweet

omg omg omg omg omg omg DEREK SMALLS replied to my tweet. This was not an ass-kissing either! Not much. This was a jokingly back-handed complement about how I prefer his wife's singing.

Harry Shearer tweeted: "Some of us in lifeboats, some in yachts.   One day, we'll connect the dots."
(link to his wife Judith Owen singing "Connect the Dots")

@evilbobdayjob (that's me) tweeted: My fav songs written by @theharryshearer are the ones sung by Judith. Sorry! Best one sung by Harry = Deaf Boys. Unforgivably catchy.

. . . And he said Bless you! Which is a pretty creepy thing to say after bringing up Deaf Boys.


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