Ladybugs listening to Judas Priest

Last night after it rained, I heard some ladybugs arguing in the backyard. A piece of ladies' intimate apparel had fallen off the clothesline and a puddle of rainwater formed on top of it. The ladybugs were swimming and partying in the puddle, cranking up some 80s metal. I could barely hear the music, so it must have been hellishly loud by the standards of ladybugs.

"That's not how the song goes," one of the ladybugs said.

"You," the other ladybug exclaimed, "have no idea what you're talking about, and no appreciation for Judas Priest."

"I do like them, but it has nothing to do with what we're doing right now."

"Oh my god, it's like that song was written just for us, knowing what we'd be doing today."

"We're not breaking the law."

"Of course not. We're having a pool party. At the LAKE IN THE BRA, LAKE IN THE BRA!"