Kalashnikov brand vodka. Supposedly approved or brewed by the actual dude who designed the weapon. I shit you not.


Natl Security Advisor Condoleeza Rice finally reluctantly agreed to talk to the 9-11 Commission. Wonder what it means that she refuses to go under oath for them? Could that indicate something?


Early Bird Alert: the March 22, 2004 issue of National Review has what might be the first caricature of Teresa Heinz Kerry (Mrs. John Kerry) in a national publication.


Another new issue of Harper's, another bunch of great quotes from great articles:

"Religion is like baseball...great game, bad owners."
-- Steve "Orbit" Hovley.

"Among students of the Washington talk-show circuit [Tim] Russert enjoys the reputation of a prosecutor so fierce in his cross-examinations that politicians supposedly tremble when crossing the threshold of his studio, afraid that he will expose them as cheats and liars. On the showing of his conversation with President Bush, the reputation is undeserved. The questions were polite, few of them followed with the indignity of a request for further clarification, and it was impossible to escape the impression of a prep-school headmaster listening to the richest boy in the senior class explain how and why he had burned down the library and the gymnasium."
-- Lewis Lapham


Scanning a vending machine at work full of potato chips and candy bars and cupcakes and more potato chips, I noticed the bag of Lay's guacamole flavored chips, displaying a vibrant picture of an avocado cut in half, among other vegetables that are ground up, dried and sprinkled on the chips.

It's so refreshing to have an alternative to all the packaged, processed foods full of preservatives, guaranteed fresh til next Autumn, for people who are tired of the same old chips and cookies and candy bars and microwave popcorn. For someone who wants a fresh fruit, there's a picture of an avocado you can look at while you eat your chips.