It was a gift, see?

When Mothra attacks Inglewood, Marsellus Wallace orders his two best guns to eliminate the pest. Vincent and Jules find their pistols are ineffective, so they escalate to tanks and finally fighter jets. They steal Ultraman’s beta capsule so they can both become giant sized and wrestle Mothra. Vincent remembers something about Mothra becoming docile when someone sings to it, so he suggests they tell it a bedtime story and sing a lullaby. He rips the roof off a textile warehouse and insists that Jules should cover the beast with a giant sheet, to tuck in the beast. It won't work without this step.

The plan fails miserably, but they manage to finish Mothra by luring it into a giant tank full of pesticide. For years afterward, Jules teases Vincent over the silly plan to lull the creature to sleep. Vincent insists it would have worked if Jules had done his job right.

One day the two hit men are caught in the robbery of a diner. When they inevitably find themselves in a Mexican stand-off, Jules negotiates a truce. They can all leave safely and end the stand-off as long as Jules gets his wallet back. But the robbers have collected a bag full of valuables and wallets. Which one is it?

Jules sighs and says, “It’s the one that says BAD MOTHRA TUCKER on it.”