Eric recommends this site for generating a drawing of your fantasy or superhero character:
You can set hair color, skin color, clothing, etc.


The setting is a generic fantasy world called Grimwold, filled with Evil Lords doing evil things, and the Heroes who try to stop them. So it has been for time immemorial.
Recently, though, this simple routine has been thrown into chaos, as all of the Minions of the Dark Lords have Unionized and gone on Strike. Tired of low pay and no gratitude, the Minions take to the picket lines, threatening to bring the Cycle of Good versus Evil to a grinding halt.
This can not be! With no easy resolution to the labor dispute in sight, the Dark Lords have but one choice.
They turn to the Scabs.
You are a Scab. A nobody, a nothing. You're not strong enough to be a warrior, not smart enough to be a wizard, and not quick enough to be rogue. But maybe - just maybe - you might be good enough to fill the shoes of a picketing Goblin.
It's not easy, though. Every day you have to brave the picket lines, do the evil bidding of the Dark Lords, and not get squashed by the Heroes who keep showing up. Worst of all, you have to dress and act the part. But hey, it's a job.
Nicotine Girls - a roleplaying game by Paul Czege
nicotine girls is a roleplaying game of teenage, lower-income girls looking for happiness.
I think I've invented (or at least spontaneously arrived at) BLOG TAG. Bruce Sterling gave a link to my h2g2 article "Furniture Whores and Debit Card Toilets" in his column/blog, so I'm linking to his column here just to prove he really mentioned it. (Look for the 5/27/02 entry.) He probably caught it on memepool or some other blog.


WYRD is a role-playing game that makes use of an innovative game mechanic called "runecasting". It involves drawing "stones" from a bag, and "interpreting" those stones to "divine" your Hero's future. The innovative part comes when you start permanently removing stones from your bag; you can actually watch as your Hero's life grows shorter, his fate closing in on him.
The Framework
The Framework is a meta-system for distributing player and GM authority in any roleplaying game. That is, it's not a game in and of itself. Rather, you take a game (like D&D, GURPS, or Vampire) and, instead of nominating a GM and several players, you use The Framework to determine who gets to act and in what role at any given time.