Dungeons and Dayjobs available in more ebook formats

On the off chance that you haven't read Dungeons and Dayjobs yet because it wasn't available in the ebook format you prefer, you'll have to come up with another excuse. You can get it now from for 99ยข in .epub, .mobi for your Kindle, pdf, rtf, lrf, pdb, txt and html.

I'll probably post Grand Theft Boblo there eventually, but I made the ebook version of that exclusive to Amazon for 90 days to try out some kind of borrowing/royalties thingy. If you're an Amazon Prime member, you can borrow the Kindle ebook version free, and I earn a royalty from it depending on how many people borrow it.

Lozie's Theme

(About our cat Lozie, sung to the tune of Bicycle Built for Two)

Lozie, Lozie,
Born among the kudzu
Cheesy popcorn ashtray
Those are the colors of you

You won't have a chance for marriage
We fixed your undercarriage

But you've hit all your cues
and sang Delta Blues
since when we pulled you from the kudzu.