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Here are some blog posts or articles I've written that analyze movies and tv shows and comics:

Hell on Workers: What #OWS can learn from Hell on Wheels

Lysistrata and Stitch

Deck The Halls is the new Fitzcarraldo

Formula for early Sherlock Holmes movies

Horton Hears A Flawed Parable of Faith Versus Skepticism

No Country for Satisfying Endings

Why did I watch The Queen?

2009 Dramatic Movie with Stakes Most Twee

Dramatic Movies with Stakes Most Twee (2008)

The Radcliffe Project by Robert Levi. Audio commentary to second Harry Potter movie, in which the narrator describes the hidden messages planted by Chris Columbus, J.K. Rowling and Time Warner to prevent Mr. Levi from marrying the star of the film, Daniel Radcliffe.

Chick Movies of the Tragic Chinese Variety

Lilo & Stitch - the Best Disney Movie for macho guys (An early draft of Lysistrata & Stitch)

Movies that capture "The Horror of Childhood"

Subtext Ahoy! Pseudo-Freudian interpretation of the UK tv show "Yoho Ahoy"

Psychiatric Help 5ยข: Jungian Archetypes Applied to Charlie Brown and Peanuts (1993)

The Tao of Pooh vs. The AAUGH! of Brown

Movie reviews:
~ Snake People (1968) (15 JUL 2004)
~ Death Ride To Osaka (1983) (2 JUL 2004)
~ The Hulk (5 JAN 2004)
~ The Light at the End of the World, aka Pirates vs. Lighthouse Keeper.
~ What I like about Hostel
~ Rise of the Dead
~ Watchmen
~ Fried Green Tomatoes with Boys On The Side

How to write like a bad movie:
Event Horizon
John Carpenter's Vampires
Meet Joe Black
John Hughes' Underdogs Only Win If They're Bitches


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