Friend of mine asked me to put up this info because he doesn't have a website but wanted to address some confusion.

The Radcliffe Project by Robert Levi
Summary: Audio commentary to second Harry Potter movie, in which the narrator describes the hidden messages planted by Chris Columbus, J.K. Rowling and Time Warner to prevent Mr. Levi from marrying the star of the film, Daniel Radcliffe.
Some people have alluded to the possibility that this is some kind of "slash fiction" in the form of an audio commentary. This is obviously way off base on the face of it, because
A) I am not fictional
B) there's no graphic description of fictional characters making love
C) that whole phrase is loaded with derision, and this commentary is serious.
Please stop labelling it with that phrase when you pass this audio file to friends. If you have downloaded a copy from a torrent or elsewhere on the web, please check if it has the word "slash" in the album or artist info and remove that word. Thank you for your help.
Robert Levi

Click here to download the full mp3 commentary (mono, 48kbps).


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