The Forgotten Awesomeville That Was Keye Luke

Keye Luke studio publicity photo while on the Charlie Chan (movie) cast. Original uploader was Rossstatham at en.wikipedia You will remember Keye Luke as the actor who played Master Po on the TV series Kung Fu. If you ever called someone "Grasshopper," then it was the accent of Keye Luke you were mangling.

For me, the only reason to bother with any incarnation of Green Hornet has been when they had someone cool playing Kato, like Bruce Lee in the Sixties tv show or Keye Luke in the Forties serials.

Although you must be aware of his long career as a character actor and occasional star, here are some awesome roles and high profile gigs you might not have heard about:

* Sci-fi, fantasy and action connections:
Voice of Mr. Han in Enter the Dragon.
Mr. Wing in Gremlins and Gremlins 2.
Uncredited voice in the English version of Rodan.
Surgeon in Invisible Agent.

¤ Small parts in major movies: Young Man with a Horn, The Good Earth.

¤ Cliffhanger serials: The Adventures of Smilin' Jack, Green Hornet, Secret Agent X-9, Green Hornet Strikes Again, Lost City of the Jungle.

¤ Appearances on Star Trek, General Hospital, MacGyver, Miami Vice, A-Team, Quincy, Gunsmoke, Dragnet, dozens of other shows.

¤ Voice work in Thundarr the Barbarian, Jonny Quest, Spider-man and his Amazing Friends, Battle of the Planets, uhhhhh, Jem? The Chipmunks??

¤ 1966, voice of Brak in the original Space Ghost tv series!


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