Too many projects?

I'm working on a D&D 3.5e adventure, hoping to play within a few weeks. A stranger asked how much it would cost to make him a skull hat like mine, so I need to buy some yarn and start on that. And I'm researching for a possible remix novel, not sure whether to keep it novel length or cut it down to just a story or a few chapters. (More about that later if I finish it.) I don't mind telling you my video mashup ideas because they're so stupid and obscure, no one would bother stealing the ideas: IGOR 1138 will have the audio from the trailer to the CGI animated feature "Igor" on top of visuals of Robert Duvall and Donald Pleasance from "THX 1138".

And I just told my wife I'd try to learn a King's X song on guitar so she can sing it with me.

Quick, prioritize all of those!


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