Can't get enough Bromo-Potash

So I'm leafing through issues from an 1891 volume of Nashville Journal of Medicine and Surgery. (Gone are the days when I was required to leaf through Playboy to prep it for microfilming.) Among the snake oils and tinctures advertised to cure epilepsy and syphilis, I see some product repeated on several covers: "Bromo Potash". And I'm helpless to stop myself from trying to fit it into the jingle that Sugar Bear used to sing for Super Golden Crisp.

"Can't get enough Bromo-Potash,
it's a tincture well worth its weight in currency."

Damn, I've got to keep working on it.

Some other ads I want to look up after we've scanned it:
* Dec 1891 issue. "Old Jug Lager, brewed only by the Moerlien-Geist Brewing Co., Nashville, Tennessee. Recommended as a Nutritive Tonic for Convalescents, Nursing Mothers, and Diseases of the Stomach, especially in cases where there is Faulty Assimiliation. Physicians of Davidson co. Ten. will be furnished a sample case, free of charge, upon application."
* Jul 1891 issue has an ad for Kellogg's Battle Creek Sanitarium.
* Field, Turf, Farm, 1860s. Awesome ads for pistols, livestock, news of horse racing inside.


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