Crochet hats by Deidzoeb for sale now

Rasta tam in green, gray and black by robThese hats are for sale if you act fast at or just look up "deidzoeb" on It's too late to hire Billy Mays to yell-sell these things, but there are several hundred sensitive, mental health activist, Oprah-tastic subscribers to Melinda's youtube channel who have been clamoring for my crochet products for weeks already. (Is it "crocheted" or just "crochet"? I keep seeing it without -ed.) I even have a waitlist for projects I'm making for them. I made a video announcing to them that my hats are for sale, so the floodgates are open. Don't miss out.

The d20 hat is made of twenty gray triangles. Looked cooler in my imagination, but it's probably appropriate that something this geeky doesn't quite turn out as cool in practice. Oh well. Don't let me talk you out of it. Your gaming group will crap themselves and start a bidding war when you take off your hat and make the Transformers sound as you turn it inside and unfurl the flap that turns it into a complete isocahedron. Go now, quickly, and buy!

I've also made some "market bags". More coming soon. Click on any of the photos below to see larger, grainier images. Anyway, I really made these and I'm actually proud. If it makes you less fearful for the loss of my masculinity, I crocheted these while watching zombie movies and the original Taking of Pelham 123 and things like that. Let me know in comments or at if you like the looks of any of these and I'll make one to your specs. Hit me back and we'll talk colors, material, price and timeline.

d20 hat by Rob

Close-up of rasta tam by Rob

Kid's ski cap by Rob

flowery 5 square crochet hat by rob

market bag for marci


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