Trend of the Living Dead

Funny convergence. I'm looking at an issue of The Guardian Weekly (UK), the July 10-16, 2009 issue, page 35. Headline: Lively time for the movie undead. "Zombies, stomping over our screens, are the official recession monsters, writes Anne Billson." (About two-three years after everybody else pointed it out.)

The next periodical I happen to glance through is the San Francisco Bay Guardian, July 8-14, 2009, on page 34 of which I find the article We walk with a zombie: Nights and days of the dead economy and culture. Both articles in both Guardians talk about "zombie banks". Both conclude that zombies seem more popular during hard times.

At least the SFBG story gives a playlist of recommended music to eat flesh by, like the Misfits and Death and the Zombies, plus a sidebar of "fine reading and viewing for the discriminating zombie lover."


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