Fictional Corporate Logo t-shirts

I noticed an ad for Last Exit to Nowhere in the back of Sight & Sound magazine. It's not exactly t-shirts with movie logos on them, but mostly original logos based on corporations or groups or places seen in movies. For example, what would the t-shirts worn by kids at Camp Crystal Lake look like? Or the Neighborhood Watch Alliance of Sandford, Amity Island or the Outlook Hotel. What would the crew of the USCSS Nostromo wear when they had some R&R time? I wouldn't have known Weyland-Yutani Corp if I hadn't read about it in some fanfic a few months ago.

My favorites are the Dapper Dan pomade logo and The Slaughtered Lamb (pub).

A few other good ones at which I saw in the back of the New Statesman, and all those reminded me of the small but cool selection at the Wing Kong Exchange.


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