Ceased in name only

Wall Street Journal headline from March 2009:
Ann Arbor News to Cease Publication.
Detroit Free Press:
Ann Arbor News folds; Web transition begins.
Chicago Trib: "Closed for Business"
AP: "The Ann Arbor News hits the streets for last time."

So I bought a copy of the final edition out of a paperbox for 50 cents.

A few days later, I see a new paperbox next to it selling copies of "". Fifty cents for Thursdays and $1.25 on Sundays.

I realize it's a big deal, it's sad, it's historic. But some of the same staff founded and works on this new publication, with a larger web presence and two print issues each week.

It could be viewed as a newspaper that "ceased", but to me it's more realistic to call it a name change and a reduced publishing frequency. It would still be worth discussing as an old paper that has stopped printing daily, transitioning to digital. I don't think it would have been discussed as much or lamented as loudly if the News staff or maybe those who reported on it hadn't put it in misleading terms of the paper "ceasing".


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