Overthinking mashups

You might be surprised or disgusted by how much time I spend on each video mashup I make. Not just editing them together, but "researching" the original movies and making tons of notes about scenes that might be funny or effective. The problem is One of the problems is that I brainstorm lots of ideas but I don't weed out enough of them. It's like Letterman's Top 10 lists. That's a simple and effective comedy writing technique because you can get a few people to sit around thinking up ideas around one topic, and then you pick out the ten best. In some of my mashups, like the 8 minute long cartoon version of Zeppelin vs. Pterodactyls, I thought of several scenes that might work, then I tossed them all in and neglected to narrow it down. It really doesn't merit watching for 8 minutes.

Now I think it will be funny to have Deckard from Blade Runner administering the Voight-Kampff test to determine whether C3PO is really human, but does it add anything positive when I include Luke and his Uncle Beru buying replicants Roy and Pris from the Jawas, or should I keep it short and sweet? It's only five minutes long now, but I'd rather have an effective two minutes that leaves you wanting more, instead of five or even three minutes that doesn't sustain interest.

After I've stared at these images for hours, slicing out just a few frames from one spot, cropping another spot, putting new sounds over each other, I can't keep sight of what's working and what isn't.

Maybe I should finish it as best I can, then shelve it for a few days and see if it drags or works the next time I see it. A lot of times, I post a video and then notice things I wish I had clipped.


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