She's Just Not That Into You, Maverick.

Caption for this photo:
One down, one to go.


My dad was stationed at Miramar Naval Air Base in San Diego (where Top Gun was set) in the 70s, so this is one of the few movies that he saw in the theater when it came out, and saw it multiple times in the theater, and bought it on videotape as soon as that came out. Now that I think about it, I'm pretty sure he even bought the single of Danger Zone by Kenny Loggins (with Berlin "Take My Breath Away" on the B side?). Probably the first new music he had bought since growing bored with or deprioritizing eight-track tapes in the late 70s, earliest 80s. Or maybe my mom got the single as a gift for my Dad, I can't remember. Their record collection consisted of one album of Beach Boys songs performed by somebody other than the Beach Boys. I think it was still in the plastic, a door prize they had won at a party and probably never played, at least for a few decades.

This trip down memory lane has been brought to you by the news that Kelly McGillis came out of the closet.


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