The Force Skeptics

The Jedi Knights are known for their supposed ability to perform "miracles." They can influence others' thoughts with a wave of their hand, use a slender light saber to deflect blaster bolts with their eyes closed, jump great heights in full gravity, move objects without touching them, see into the future, and do many other things that normal people can't. Or so they claim.
-- The Force Skeptics page by Roger M. Wilcox
You're not my father!I had this same idea about a year ago, not as well developed and four years too late. I should have known someone had written about it and explored it much more thoroughly already. How can you not notice Yoda's predictions in Empire Strikes Back proven wrong, about Luke failing and/or turning to the dark side if he didn't complete his training? Luke fails to kill Vader in that movie, but eventually rescues his friends and turns Vader away from the Dark Side, resulting in the death of the Emperor and collapse of the Empire. Luke comes back to complete his training and Yoda says no big deal, I'm dying anyway so I'll just declare you a full Jedi, whatever.

(Luke might turn to the dark side after Episode VI in some comics or novels or something, but they're non-canonical as far as I'm concerned.)

Anyway, that link again which you should click is The Force Skeptics page by Roger M. Wilcox, which debunks lots of Jedi parlor tricks and claims.


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