omfg for real though. The punchline is right there in the headline, it's all downhill from here. Nothing much I can add to that. Why didn't I run with that idea years ago? I wrote a "game" called My Love For You Is Way Out of Line. It's practically unplayable, about a salesman wandering around an office. His goal is to flirt and joke with the secretary enough in the final minutes before he's killed by a dog to earn a pleasant final utterance from the object of his affection. It's set in the sales office of "Megiddo Homes, a licensed real estate agency specializing in custom-built, sustainable, self-sufficient underground shelter dwellings for survivalists and modern-day homesteaders.

As part of the game project, I created a page for Megiddo Homes. Someone emailed me once to ask for my prices. I should have known right then! Oh well.

Anyhow, enjoy your


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