October 13

Historically noteworth events other than my birth that happened on October 13, according to Wikipedia:

Templarsign* 1307 - Hundreds of Knights Templar in France are simultaneously arrested by agents of Phillip the Fair, to be later tortured into "admitting" heresy.

* 1775 - The United States Continental Congress orders the establishment of the Continental Navy (later renamed the United States Navy). [My dad was in the Navy when I was born, so he made a big deal that I was born on the "Navy's birthday."]

* 1843 - In New York City, Henry Jones and 11 others found B'nai B'rith (the oldest Jewish service organization in the world).

* 1845 - A majority of voters in the Republic of Texas approve a proposed constitution, that if accepted by the U.S. Congress, will make Texas a U.S. state.

* 1917 - The "Miracle of the Sun" is witnessed by an estimated 70,000 people in the Cova da Iria in Fátima, Portugal. *rolleyes*

* 1972 - An Aeroflot Ilyushin Il-62 crashed outside Moscow killing 176.

* 1972 - Uruguayan Air Force Flight 571 crashes in the Andes mountains, in between the borders of Argentina and Chile. By December 23, 1972 only 16 out of 45 people lived long enough to be rescued. [You may have read the book or seen the movie, "Alive". Cannibalism helped some of them survive.]

* 1976 - A Bolivian Boeing 707 cargo jet crashes in Santa Cruz, Bolivia killing 100 (97, mostly children, killed on the ground).

* 1977 - Four Palestinians hijack Lufthansa Flight 181 to Somalia and demand release of 11 members of the Red Army Faction.

* 1992 - An Antonov An-124 operated by Antonov Airlines registered CCCP-82002, crashed near Kiev, Ukraine.

[Not a great day to fly in recent decades.]

1244 - Jaques de Molay, Grand Master of the Knights Templar (d. 1314)
1909 - Herbert Block, American cartoonist (d. 2001)
1915 - Cornel Wilde, American actor (d. 1989)
1925 - Lenny Bruce, American comedian (d. 1966)
1925 - Margaret Thatcher, Prime Minister of the United Kingdom
1941 - Paul Simon, American singer and musician (Simon and Garfunkel)
1947 - Sammy Hagar, American singer (Van Halen)
1954 - Mordechai Vanunu, Israeli nuclear technician
1956 - Chris Carter, American television producer (X-Files!)
1959 - Marie Osmond, American entertainer
1968 - Tisha Campbell-Martin, American actress and singer
1969 - Nancy Kerrigan, American figure skater
1971 - Sacha Baron Cohen, English comedian

Died on Oct 13:
1938 - E.C. Segar, American cartoonist (Popeye) (b. 1894)


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