Fringe House

Coming in January on Fox. Hugh Laurie plays a curmudeonly doctor addicted to Vicodin, recently released from a psychiatric hospital into the custody of Homeland Security agents to help them solve seemingly supernatural mysteries. When he's not annoying his estranged son or sexually harassing colleagues, he's dressing down students for failing to solve questions that he can't solve either.

Excerpts are from Fringe pilot episode (Season 1, Episode 1) and House "Lucky Thirteen" (Season 5, Episode 5). Anna Torv gives good Wilhelm scream. I tried to superimpose the Wilhelm scream over hers in that explosion scene, and you could hardly hear any difference. But I changed my mind and left her original scream in the final version. I know there are some quick shots of Walter that shouldn't have been included if House is supposed to be taking his place, but I liked those scenes of re-opening the lab, pulling sheets off equipment, stabilizing Olivia after pulling her from the tank, and Walter was in too many of them.

This mashup is dedicated to the Dire Paladins. Let me tell you about them...

I finished editing this yesterday morning and posted it to Youtube, but a certain computer hog wouldn't let me back on the rest of the day to post it here or elsewhere.


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