RobStar Services Co-Op

They joked about this in War Inc, but I want to make note of this as an informal patent or copyright or whatever the frick you call this kind of intprop. I haven't officially registered this idea, but I HEREBY CALL DIBS on it!

You take your standard, instant, push-button voice service available through car or mobile phone. In addition to giving directions, making reservations, whatever, you offer phone therapy. Stressed or anxious or neurotic customers simply touch a button and begin working towards catharsis. Maybe even RobStar RomanCatholicTM edition for push-button confessions?

I wouldn't want a corp or LLC or whatever because those are for capitalists. We can form a co-op and then all my co-workers/co-customers/co-owners at RobStar will get a fair share. I just get my name in the title of the co-op as reward for suggesting it.

Come to think of it, you may already be a member of RobStar or a similar co-op without even knowing it. But you call it a shoulder to lean on or working shit out with your friends, and letting them dump their troubles on you sometimes. Yet another example putting the lie to that bullshit that "There is no alternative" to capitalism. Mothers do not perform child-raising services as a function of capitalism. Families do not help each other as a function of capitalism. Friends do not do favors for each other as a function of capitalism.


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