Melinda's been blogging

Melinda used to spend a lot of time blogging back in the days when it was called "updating my webpage." It dried up somewhat when she discovered groups and message boards -- all the fun of blogging with more interaction. Except the interaction is mostly haters and flamewars. Eventually she got hooked on Youtube and started vlogging, same principle except having a conversation through video segments, and an audience with lower attention span and lower standards of civility, if that's possible.

She's still vlogging, but started writing blog entries again. You should read them:

She talks about tea and moisturizers and dandelion jelly and GuidePosts magazine and Harriet Carter catalog. The subject matter probably wouldn't hook me very deeply if I just stumbled across Melinda's blog out of the blue, but it's like so many things with Melinda: if you didn't get it, maybe you had to be there.


  • At 10:16 PM , Blogger Antagonista said...

    Mel could be writing about anything and I would wanna read it.
    I don't know why, but actually both of you seem to be extremely original thinkers.
    That might sound silly.

    I found your blog through your comment on Mel's blog. Just in case you're wondering.

  • At 12:32 PM , Blogger Shawny said...

    I would read anything you or Mel wrote. I really like you both and find you both to be articulate.

    ((())) shawny * :)


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