Awkwardly banned from

Good on ya for finding your way to the new Awkwardly site at, while it lasts. Tripod dropped me for some reason. Unfortunately, if they bothered to email me at all to let me know why they felt I had violated terms of service, it must have been to an old email address I don't use anymore. That might not be their fault.

I can't imagine that my latest blog posts were the culprits -- a link to my Dungeons and Dayjobs podcast, or "Pirates vs. Lighthouse Keeper" almost a month ago? Either they objected to ads posted on free tripod pages (ads by anyone other than them) or else someone objected to an article I wrote years ago, like F-Texas or "Pundit of Porn".

I'm gradually restoring and migrating stories and essays and content over to, sitemap and indexes over to angelfire. There will probably be a lot of broken links until I finish updating everything. Sorry.


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