Start collecting stamps

We get a lot of international mail at work, journals from all over. Today I noticed a sticker indicating postage worth 305.00 BAHT. It's marked Thailand Post. White background, some writing in two colors along the bottom, but black letters and artwork above (One big elephant walking with two baby elephants). It looks like a sticker that they would print custom information on at the post office.

Dude, if they're making customized postage in Thailand, not to make it sound like they're totally backwoods, sorry, but if even Thailand prints custom postage, how much longer are governments around the world going to bother creating pre-printed postage stamps with intricate designs to deter counterfeiters? Even if they don't totally stop issuing the kind of postage stamps we're familiar with, this will lead to a reduction, which means the supply will go down and the demand will go up. Now is the time to start collecting exotic modern stamps from anywhere you can get them. They won't be valuable in five or ten years, but sock them away for twenty or more and I bet they will be antiques, a whole different level compared with the current value of stamps you have from 1988.

I wonder how much these custom printed stamps will go for? Feh.


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