Francis Gives Gus The Finger

"I've been sober three weeks now. I'm pretty sure I've hit my lowest low and I don't want to go there ever again. It helped me re-focus my life. The event was I missed eleven out of eleven on the fractions quiz. You might get to the third or fourth degree in the Junior Order of the Free and Accepted Millwrights of Fowlerville with C's and D's, but you aren't gonna get to the thirty-third degree."

Will Gus complete his mission, transporting the psychic jewel to the drop point, or will cult assassins cut him down in the prime of his elementary school years? Listen to Francis Gives Gus the Finger, Chapter One of the five part cliffhanger series "My Terrifying, Dry Warrior" to find out!

[Run time: 15 minutes, 30 seconds. The first link above points to VBR 15 MB mp3 file (hi-fi). Click here to see other file formats for downloading and streaming.]

Remember that you can download the full text of this and all stories from the Dungeons and Dayjobs collection FREE from or you can buy the collection in paperback today!


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