Too Many Irons

Projects I'm working on, knowing that some will eventually fade away and be forgotten.

* Writing a Modern d20 campaign.
* Learning and practicing some songs on guitar to play with a friend, hoping to play some open mike nights if we like what we hear.
* Writing new episodes of Brazen Hearts. (Plan to turn the first 13 scripts into a prose novel or novelette.)
* Video mashup of scenes from Algiers and Why We Fight (Capra series). I wrote a "script" of exactly which scenes and lines I wanted to use, but lost it and can't remember.
* Video mashup of public domain movie scenes with pirates, zombies, robots and ninjas. This idea is trying to crawl out front of the others, but it will take several hours of searching and editing for the two or three minute scene I'll end up with.

Stories way on the backburner that I'd like to polish/finish writing someday:
* Muskrat Treasure
* The Pangborn Stalemate
* Hardboiled Head


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