Not "double platinum." I said, "Double self-titled."

I just had a great idea. You know how some performers will have a self-titled album, like "Taylor Swift" is the name of the first album by Taylor Swift. They want to make sure they get name recognition, right? My first album will be double self-titled.

Djs on the radio will say, "You’re listening to 'Rob Northrup,' which is the title of the first hit single off the album "ROB NORTHRUP – ROB NORTHRUP" by, um, let me see here. Shoot, I can’t find it. Oh yeah, here it is. I guess his name is ROB NORTHRUP."

And when people write out a list of albums, it will be like:
Led Zeppelin – Houses of the Holy
The Beatles – Rubber Soul
Taylor Swift – Taylor Swift
Rob Northrup – Rob Northrup – Rob Northrup


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