Chapter Eleven: The Emperor's Bib

"The good news is your crush finally speaks to you. And it's not just hi. He actually knows your name and he starts the conversation.

"The bad news is: he's dangling from the claws of a gargoyle at the time, being flown West to stand trial as a treasonous vegecarrion organizer. And then all he says to you is, 'Josie, save me!'"

What chance does Josie have of rescuing her hunky hobgoblin from an ampitheater overflowing with hundreds of his kin, as they debate which method would be most amusing to dispatch him? Find out in "The Emperor's Bib," Chapter Eleven of the original goblin soap opera Brazen Hearts, Fresh, On Sticks!

Warning: This chapter is pretty gory. You might not want to play it at work, or around kids, or for yourself. For everyone else, enjoy. I don't have a good sense of where they draw the lines for movies or video games, but I would personally rate this as PG-13 or maybe Rated R.

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