Money and Culture

Great stuff on the radio show Unwelcome Guests this week. The first hour is an audio adaptation of Money as Debt by Paul Grignon, a primer explaining how banks create money based on people agreeing to take loans. Then there's a short speech by Hugo Blanco on eco-socialism, and finally the first few chapters of a feminist anti-capitalist book about the gift economy called For-Giving by Genevieve Vaughan. (The text is available free online as pdf files also at

I'm skeptical that we need to (or could possibly) get rid of the concept of money, which is just a placeholder for things we would trade otherwise, but I'm interested to hear ways that we can make trading more fair and humane.

Unwelcome Guests: #379 - Money and Culture (Hour One mp3)
Unwelcome Guests: #379 - Money and Culture (Hour Two mp3)


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