TSA/UPS Turnback Store!

UPS or some other shipping co should partner with TSA and airports to have little offices right near the search and security area in an airport. They find some two inch folding knife buried in a pocket of your baggage where you had forgotten it. Or a ten dollar bottle of skin cream that is now classified as a potential liquid explosive. If it ain't C4, maybe it's C3 or C2 or C5.

Under current rules, they make you throw it away. Forget that. Now you step over to your nearby UPS Turnback Store (or whatever shipping company is smart enough to take you up on this brilliant idea of mine), you fill out the address on a big envelope or a box and ship it back home to yourself. Or ship your skin cream and toothpaste and toiletries forward to your destination so you can use it when you get there.

Big money! No whammies! For implementing this brilliant idea, you are now a jillionaire.


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