Zeppelin vs. Pterodactyls: The Lost Cartoon (1942)

A rare collaboration between Fleischer Studios and Ub Iwerks resulted in this cartoon, based on the moderately successful Republic Pictures "Zeppelin vs. Pterodactyls" cliffhanger serials. The cartoon was shelved for half a century due to a three way legal dispute between Republic, Fleischer and Iwerks. The Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences rejected Oscar nominations for Ben Burtt's sound design in the cartoon because it had not been formally released and because of the legal status.

Actually it's a mashup I made from the following old public domain cartoons:
Superman - (self-titled episode)
Superman - Arctic Giant
Superman - Billion Dollar Limited
Superman - The Bulleteers
Superman - Japoteurs
Superman - Jungle Drums
Superman - Mechanical Monsters
Superman - Terror on The Midway
Superman - The Underground World
Betty Boop - Ha Ha Ha! (laughing gravestones)
Cupid Gets His Man
Opening Night (black and white cat swordfight)
The Curious Adventures of Mr. Wonderbird (some robot footage)
Bosko Shipwrecked
Sinbad the Sailor

No reputations of Ben Burtts were harmed in the making of these cartoons, since he had nothing to do with it other than starting the inside joke of using Wilhelm screams. Be forewarned that the 1940s Superman cartoons contain some racist stereotypes. My apologies to Ub Iwerks, Fleischer Studios and the Academy.


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