VistaPrint's rubber stamp doubles as optometric test had this great offer. A self-inking rubber stamp with your address for $5.99 including shipping. Of course they push it as if it's free and you only pay shipping, but that would still be a good deal. If you could read it.

Not that it's bad quality. From what I can tell, it's crisp and clear. If I unpacked my dad's childhood microscope from the basement, I could verify if it was legible.

I print a lot of stuff in 8 point type. What I do is copy the text from some online article, paste it into a Word doc, then switch it all to single spaced, .3 inch margin, 8 point type, so I can print fewer pages.

My best estimate is that this promotional stamper has the first line as 7 or maybe 6 point type, and the two lower address lines at 5 or 6 point. This stamp and the company that makes it are less than worthless.


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