My keywords are teh lulz

I think a solid ad revenue stream has just been revealed to me. After signing up with Google Analytics a few days ago, I discovered that hits on some of my pages were the results of searches for the following sets of keywords:
"fuck texas"
"stupid bitch"

However, when I googled those phrases, using quotation marks, the very highest results on motherfucking GOOGLE, number one top results for each of those phrases, were pages from my website. It's a long story. If I were Deputy Barney Fife right now, I would be thumbing my suspenders so hard that my shirt would rip off.

Not something I want to brag to gramma about, but it is something I want to take advantage of, by putting some google ads on those pages. Hell to the yes. Unless Google restricts them, the advertisers are bound to be pornographers. Oh well. It's just text ads. If anyone complains, I'll pretend it will be a surprise. ...and I'll hope they aren't able to find this blog post admitting that I'm not surprised.

I'm not the kind of person who uses those phrases (anymore) or endorses their use by anyone else, but I'm confident that people will keep looking up the keyword phrases "stupid bitch" and most especially "FUCK TEXAS" for eons to come.

I love you!


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