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Lately I've posted a few movie reviews on The High Weirdness Project, a wiki devoted to SubGenius information warfare against the forces of The Conspiracy. (So far only one full entry about Decoys and two stubs about Constantine and Clan of the Cave Bear.) I've been a distant fan of SubGenius since I heard about it in the 80s, but never joined. Melinda followed a friend/idol of hers to the SubGenius newsgroup alt.slack and started haunting them, even sent in her $30 to become an ordained minister.

What has me curious now is what makes me choose one forum instead of another when I'm posting messages or essays about politics or movies or whatever. In the past I would have posted things to my blog, or to because I thought people might read it there. Lately I only post articles or recipes there for storage purposes, so I can link to it from my blog. Or there's a private message forum that one of my co-workers runs. I usually post there about politics.

Where will I be posting in a year or two years from now? Melinda used to have a blog, but she bounces from one message board to another. Lately her blog has had tumbleweeds rolling through it on a stiff wind, while she posts to alt.slack and makes daily video blogs on YouTube.

I didn't mean this as an "announcement," just something that made me wonder what makes us stick with some forums and forget other forums. Beats me.


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