cube what?

Concept for a music video. Hip hop beat starts. Camera dollys through a hallway along an endless cubicle farm stretching away towards the horizon, like the warehouse in Raiders of the Lost Ark. Without getting the viewer sea-sick, the camera bobs to show workers in cubes on either side of this aisle, all of them working diligently entering data with headphones on.

A hand reaches out from the camera-man's perspective and touches one person on the shoulder, then bobs to the next worker and touches that one on the shoulder. As the camera proceeds down the aisle and keeps touching people on shoulders, each of them pulls off their headphones and says, "Yeh. Uh huh. What? Yeah yeah. All right. What. What." The usual opening to any hip hop song of the last ten years, the kind of value-added contributions that Puffy thinks he was making to songs by B.I.G., or the kind of things Flavor Flav used to fill around the edges of the better rappers until they made room for him to do the chorus.

So if you close your eyes, it sounds just like any rap song, but what you're looking at is a bunch of people at work, pulling off their headphones and saying, "What? Huh?" because you were trying to get their attention.

I could try to do this with an established song and just cut it off when the rap starts, but it would take some genuine choreography on the part of all those people sitting in cubes.


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