Which Illegals We Should Worry More About

I was reading an article about immigration this morning. In a photo of a protest, someone had a sign that said, "No human being is illegal." I understand their reasoning, but it seems pedantic to fight about the language of bad policies. Anti-immigrant scowlers like Lou Dobbs could start calling them "criminals" and it would be technically true.

Perhaps we could turn around the trend by appropriately calling members of the Bush administration "illegals." A lot of people agree that Bush needs to be brought to justice for illegal acts he has committed. Most of his administration is complicit, some planners more responsible than Bush, even if American prosecutors or courts have not yet brought charges.

I propose we build a security fence around the White House to keep the most dangerous illegals from spreading across the US. They're already in D.C., but at least we can keep them contained there for a while.

Please send a brick to your senator or rep, with a letter attached asking them to inconspicuously place it somewhere around the perimeter the next time they are near the White House. Stopping these major illegals will affect way more lives than any 50,000 desperate immigrants entering the US illegally from Mexico.


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