USB Flash Drive 1.0 GB "Golden Mars", NEW

If you're in the market for a 1 Gig flash drive that's "N.I.P.", new in two layers of sealed packaging, you might want to check out this one that's listed on eBay right now. The auction ends Dec-24-06 22:15:10 PST. Bidding is currently up to $2.25, although the reserve price is not yet met. Shipping will be $2.95, USPS First Class mail.

In other news, I invented Toasted Marshmallow Apple Marmalade last night. No marshmallows were harmed in the making of this concoction, but I burnt the marmalade ever so slightly, and the blackened sugar gives it a flavor just like marshmallows after you catch them on fire and blow them out. I wasn't sure how that would affect the acidity of it, if it would be acidic enough to protect against bacteria after the canning process, so I just dumped it in jars and stuck them in the fridge for personal consumption. Plus I wasn't sure that family members would appreciate receiving jars of apple marmalade with a few black bits floating inside, even if I reassured them, "It tastes really great, just like toasted marshmallows."


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