It Yet Lives

The Book of Vile Dayjobness stirs long after I had thought all life had gone. I had brought four copies of Dungeons & Dayjobs to sell on consignment at a local bookstore. They have a strict six month contract for self-publishers outlining when you can expect payment, and saying that if you don't pick up unsold leftover copies, they will be donated. (I'm not complaining. In fact, some of the other local stores were so casual with their consignment arrangements, I was afraid they'd forget who I was and forget that they might owe me money. It's good business to have a careful agreement.)

My six months runs out next Tuesday on Boxing Day, or the beginning of Kwanzaa, so I stopped in this morning to see if any had sold or if there were any I needed to pick up. They were sold out! I was prepared for the worst, but hadn't really hoped for the best. It's surprising how excited I can get over four lousy copies of the book. I also left three more copies. Maybe this project will have a long tail and eventually break even.

I'm also planning to start a Dungeons & Dayjobs podcast of most of the stories. Maybe that will bring in some interest from different areas. There have been other authors who issued their books in podcast format first or simultaneously while hard copies were available for sale. It doesn't necessarily undercut your sales to issue it in other formats, even free electronic copies like Cory Doctorow has done with some of his books. After a year of being available for sale, how much am I going to damage the possibility of somebody buying it? If anything, this might encourage some listeners to buy a hardcopy. Plus I will hold back some of the stories that are still exclusively in the book, at least for several months or a year. I'll post more about that when it goes live.

Happy Whatever You Want To Celebrate!
...if anything!


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