Troy Gentry fined $15k for hunting with head up ass

Country singer Troy Gentry pled guilty to falsely registering a captive bear as being killed in the wild. He was fined $15K, had to give back the bear's hide, relinquish his bow, and won't be allowed to hunt or fish in Minnesota for five years.

I can't tell from the articles if it's illegal to kill a captive bear in Minnesota, or if they just dropped those charges as part of a plea agreement. I hope country music fans make a bigger deal about this scumbag than they did about the Dixie Chicks, but it's doubtful. This seems like a bigger redneck rule to break. Rednecks might talk politics with each other and disagree about it, but what kind of lying sleazeball would claim to be a hunter and show off the tanned bear hide as a trophy after buying a bear and killing it inside an electric fence? The Dixie Chicks were being honest. Gentry is a liar.

Don't miss the music video for Montgomery Gentry's You Do Your Thing. Troy drives through city streets with a deer strapped to the hood of his SUV and his two kids inside.


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