Peanuts Grow Underground

I ran out of free space on my tripod account and had to move some deadwood over to a free angelfire website. The "awkwardly storage closet" is now at

Maybe we can get some new green sucker shoots coming off the deadwood if you check out one of the old, under-rated articles I moved there. I created a page called Peanuts Grow Underground - "Questioning and Celebrating the Darker Side Of Charles M. Schulz's Peanuts Mythos." It was meant to be a site where I'd post weird jokes and interpretive articles about Peanuts, kind of along the lines of what Metaphilm does with movie reviews. I ended up writing only one big piece: The Tao of Pooh vs. The AAUGH! of Brown. "One of the problems with Benjamin Hoff's philosophy [in The Tao of Pooh] is that it assumes you can analyze your own life and easily see the best way to flow with it. But what about when life throws you a curve? How would Pooh react if Piglet started selling his Very Small Body to pay for his Very Small But Growing Smack Habit?..."

"In my imaginary war between The Tao versus The AAUGH!, the philosophy of Charlie Brown triumphs over the philosophy of Pooh not by showing how you can live a happier life, but by showing that sometimes, you can't live a happy life..."


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