Are you ready for your anarchy yet?
Two police men holding down a suspect, kneeling on his throat. One cop punches him in the face to help pacify the perp. Caught on camera.
On the fourteenth, UCLA campus police tasered a student for failing to leave the library after he would not produce his student ID. You can watch the students gathering around them as the police taser him repeatedly because he won't stand up and leave. I count at least three police, maybe four. They could easily have hog-tied him with cuffs and carried him out of the building, then charged him with resisting arrest or whatever. Instead they threatened to tase him again if he wouldn't get up, and they did it maybe four times. At one point after they already zapped him twice, a crowd of about 20 students gather close to them. I was hoping just then that the students would rush the police and stop them. Take the bastard to jail, do what you gotta do, but you don't taze somebody after they're in handcuffs just because they won't get up and walk away with you.

Somebody needs to do a research project on what harmful contaminants are seeping into the donut supply around L.A.

Bonus link: check out the podcast devoted to police brutality, misconduct and corruption -- Bad Cop, No Donut!


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