Shopping Spree is a great article from The Stranger (Seattle alternative newspaper) about how to reduce the money available for Focus on the Family's harmful crusades against gays and children's asses (pro-corporal punishment). Do your part to reduce their harmful warchest by becoming a consumer of all their free junk. They have books and CDs and DVDs which they will send you for free from their website, as long as you don't abuse them and order more than $100 at a go.

"Congratulations! You have just removed a few dollars from the coffers of a major anti-gay organization. You can further capitalize on your brief investment of time by selling the item/s on eBay. ... Not only does ordering free stuff from Focus on the Family—-sent to myself or people I don't like-—satisfy a deeply juvenile impulse, it has the added benefit of taking money directly out of homo-hater Dobson's pocket."

Please spread the word.


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