I heard news that pissed me off today. Jack Lessenberry on Michigan Radio talked about some study showing that people in Western European have an easier time moving to higher income levels than Americans do (links to streaming audio m3u). Among the other statistics that may piss you off, they mentioned that the Slovak Republic has a lower rate of women dying in childbirth than the US. People in Spain have an average life expectancy three years longer than the US, while paying something like half the amount we pay for health care.

Are you ready to fund some god damned social services yet? Do you have a different way to explain this stuff? I suppose pregnant women in the Slovak Republic and all people in Spain are more responsible than Americans. That's supposed to explain it better than the obvious deficiencies in funding US public health care. Get real.

Here's some other public funding you should think about. On 9/11/2001, NORAD control center used technology from the Seventies. You should listen to those tapes that just came out. Notice how they had to rely on FAA way too much. They have since upgraded to the kind of state of the art equipment that FAA already had. Oh yeah, plus NORAD lied or ommitted or misled in their testimony to the 9/11 commission about times and activities on that day. They didn't know that Flight 11 was the one that had crashed into the World Trade Center, so they scrambled jets to look for the hijacked flight after it had crashed.

How many stealth bombers should we have paid for before getting modern shit in NORAD?

In other news that pisses me off, NPR described the "humanitarian crisis" in Gaza. They hit on the conflict a little bit, but they make it sound like a natural disaster. It's a crisis that humanitarians need to address, but it should more rightfully be called a crisis of inhumanity. A warmonger crisis. There would be no crisis if not for the war there. It's like they're allowed to talk about aid agencies running all around trying not to get shot or bombed, but they want to avoid the idea that war could be stopped with public pressure.


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