Guide on left, Troy Gentry on right.Do you suppose Troy Gentry harvested these legally for a change? The guy on the left is Gentry's guide. Because it's hard to find deer when you don't bother scouting the area or knowing what you're doing.

And check this video below. Since when do country "artists" swing their hands in gestures they saw Snoop and Em throwing? (Okay, the guy throwing signs is actually Montgomery, but Gentry is the one acting out the macho morality play from inside his SUV. Gentry is accused of shooting a tame bear in a fenced area with an arrow, in case you were too lazy to click the link. His lawyers are apparently backpedalling and claiming that his guide misled him into believing it was a wild bear. The video might show more. Either way, it sounds like he's pretty ignorant as a hunter. How many plain folks in Montgomery Gentry's audience can afford to hire a guide to do all the scouting for them?)


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