"The people ask me what we mean by stable government in Cuba," the new military governor, General Leonard Wood, wrote in a report to Washington soon after he assumed office in 1900. "I tell them that when money can be borrowed at a reasonable rate of interest and when capital is willing to invest in the island, a condition of stability will have been reached." In a note to President McKinley, he was even more succinct: "When people ask me what I mean by stable government, I tell them, 'Money at six percent.'"
- From Overthrow: America's Century of Regime Change from Hawaii to Iraq by Stephen Kinzer

Do you suppose that's what GWB meant when he praised the leader of a coup during the 2000 election? "The new Pakistani general, he's just been elected -- not elected, this guy took over office. It appears this guy is going to bring stability to the country and I think that's good news for the subcontinent." [Emphasis is all mine.]

Chalmers Johnson blurb on the back cover: "After reading Overthrow, no American--not even President Bush--should any longer wonder 'why they hate us.'


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