Snakes on a Plane: the Role-Playing Game is apparently a joke post made on forum, 1214 words long (not counting the witty quotes in the author's signature) which has apparently hit the highest possible peak of street cred for a free game. The game was cited in an article in Time magazine, even linked from the online version of the article. I am so totally jealous.

The closest I've come to free game designer street cred is people on The Forge ( discussing a game I posted there (My Love For You Is Way Out of Line) long after I stopped trying to talk about it, and had given up posting games there. Best of all, Ron Edwards, who is like the Gruumsh of independent RPG designers, advised another designer on The Forge to check out My Love For You.

It's also cute to see something you've written linked from some webpage in another language. Looks like Cyrillic alphabet? Looks like they just copied a list of free games from an English site, but it's still cool to think that it spread that far.


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