Kneel before SLY

Stop what you are doing right now. Stop it! I know you're multi-tasking or something. Stop whatever it was you were doing and prepare yourself. As soon as you get done downloading this .mov file of Sly & the Family Stone appearing on Ed Sullivan, you will spend five minutes viewing the clip, and then the universe shall be yours. You will have been Stoned in the Family way.

You know when you tell people, "Some day we'll look back on all of this and laugh," and it makes you feel better for a second, but then you realize that not enough time has passed and no one is going to laugh just yet? After viewing this brief video clip, you will be able to look back on everything and laugh. This clip seriously tests my faith in Our Savior the Lord God Almighty John Allen (James Marshall "Jimi") Hendrix, praise be unto him. I am now an apostate, fallen from the good graces of St. James the Marshallful.

What we have here is not only Ed Sullivan tripping over his tongue introducing an Afro-American gentleman with muttonchops the size of sledge hammers; not only a medley of Sly hits that appear to be performed for real, not lip-synched; not only is Sly embarassing the pinks in the audience by walking out among them and singing at them; but best of all, Sly performs a hand-jive on his thighs and chest in the aisle between rows of white dudes in full suits and ties.

I watched 4 minutes and 37 minutes, and paused it to blog about it right now. It's that good. At the end, Ed shakes hands with Sly, speaks a few words out of range of the microphones, holding up one hand and pointing to Sly and then side to side at the rest of the band. It as though Ed has been so stunned by the performance that he is unconsciously making the sign of the cross at them. You owe it to yourself to watch this thing. Prepare your speakers and make some extra space around your computer. For when the power of Sly compells you, his word becomes reality. Foolish mortal! Get on up and dance to the music.


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