"...Vegetarians and vegans find the structure and protein content interesting."
Not exactly a resounding recommendation, but tempeh is not bad for a savory, mushroomy, umami tasting substance made from fermented soybeans. I bought a package and stir fried some last night. It was good. In fact, I stir fried a mess of vegetables and only a little bit of tempeh because I wasn't sure if I'd like it. It turned out like when you have a cereal with boring bits and marshmallows, and you start treasuring the marshmallows at the end when you know you're going to run out. The bits of tempeh were too sparse and I was feeling privileged on the bites that contained it, feeling a loss on the bites that didn't.

If you drink any kind of alcohol, don't try to tell me tempeh's too weird for you.

Anyway, also provides a bunch of recipes, so I won't have to keep stir frying the rest of it.


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