Left Leaning Lesson Plans
Children's book author Nancy Matson made a list of lesson plans exploring objectivity, persuasion and propaganda in the news. Lessons include:
NATO's bombing of Kosovo: Humanitarian Action or Unwarranted Aggression?
Spies, Communism, and Bananas: How and Why the CIA overthrew a government that led to 40 years of brutal repression ­ Part Three of the Cold War unit
How Intelligent Adults Came to Use Terms Like 'The Red Menace' -­ Part One of the Cold War unit

They sound a little left-leaning, but I doubt there's anything untrue in them, and they would certainly balance out the other 12-16 years of history classes in which US students would not hear about their government working against democracy in Guatemala or the possibility that we did not bomb Kosovo out of the kindness of our hearts.
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